Sam and Hannah Fairs-Billam are the co-founders of Tehila. They are from the UK and have been living in Zambia with their two daughters Isla and Amba since March 2012. For the first two years they worked for Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia as Child Protection Officers.

The Fairs-Billam family are passionate about God and the local church. They are passionate about people, particularly those who are marginalised in some way. They enjoy having an open home and welcoming people into their world. They are immersed in Zambian culture, community and relationships. They love swimming, camping and adventure!

Sam managed his own catering business before embarking on a career as an ambulance technician. He then moved into social work. For five years he coordinated an outreach project in London, supporting vulnerable adults who were street homeless.

Hannah is a qualified social worker and social work practice assessor. She has extensive experience of working with children and young people in the field of advocacy, rights and protection.

Isla loves life and friends. She has a passion for ballet and insects! She is adaptable to her ever changing world and her parents are proud of her kind heart and love for people less fortunate than herself.

Amba navigates life with her sense of humour. With her calming nature, she has an incredible ability to live in the moment and is gifted to accept what life throws at her. She too notices and longs to help those who have less than her.


Promotional Film – A Silent Emergency:

This short film highlights the important work Tehila undertakes to create safer environments for children in Zambia. We promote the protection of children and prevention of child cruelty.