Child cruelty happens all over the world and Zambia is no different. It is often not recognised, reported or resolved. Children are denied protection and justice. Abusers are free to abuse again. The horrific cycle continues.

Tehila believes in action.

We equip, strengthen and build the capacity of individuals, communities and organisations to create safer environments for children in Zambia. We promote the protection of children and prevention of child cruelty.


The welfare of children must come first. Children are human beings with rights and responsibilities.  They can make a positive contribution and should be listened to and taken seriously.


We believe that all human beings should be treated equally. We celebrate difference.


With local expertise and international knowledge combined, communities and organisations can bring about change and take positive action to protect children.


We believe in fighting the injustice of child cruelty. We believe it is our moral and biblical responsibility. We believe this is everyone’s responsibility.


We are passionate about relationships. We engage with people at all levels of society. Working together is the most effective way to keep children safe.


Our work is rooted in local people to ensure action continues.


We expect commitment and high performance from those representing Tehila. Accountability, integrity and transparency are vital.


We are motivated by love, justice and hope. We are inspired by Jesus to serve people of all faiths and none.