Tehila offers support to build and strengthen Zambian led initiatives and organisations which have a direct impact on the safety and welfare of children in Zambia.

Organisations have a responsibility to minimise the harm they may be doing inadvertently as a result of their organisational activities. Tehila can support organisations to develop and implement effective and robust child safeguarding policies and procedures. Organisations also have a responsibility to engage with children and involve them in matters that affect them. Tehila can advise organisations on how to actively engage with children in meaningful decision making.

Embrace Project Zambia

This is a movement by churches across Zambia, advocating for children to live in loving families rather than institutional care. This is achieved through the recruitment and assessment of foster families. Tehila is a member of both the Embrace Action Committee and Intercessory Prayer Group.

Social Work Association of Zambia

Tehila is working for American International Health Alliance (AIHA) and Save the Children, Zambia, to build the capacity of the Social Work Association of Zambia (SWAZ).

This is a local professional body which supports the social welfare workforce across the country. If strengthened, this regulatory body can ensure the social work profession is both respected and credible. SWAZ can advocate for social work legislation and social workers will be protected, registered and required to undergo ongoing professional development.

SWAZ will ensure social workers are trained by reputable universities, be accountable to a professional body and practice safely in line with professional social work ethics.