Tehila Train

Tehila specialises in dynamic and interactive training. We develop bespoke training when needed. Where possible we ‘train trainers’, to ensure an empowering, relevant, locally-led and sustainable experience. We engage children and young people, enabling their views to shape our programmes.

Safe Places

This is a child protection training course for adults, based on the internationally recognised programme called ‘Keeping Children Safe’. Learning is both facilitator and participant-led to ensure international and local expertise combine.

Participants are carefully selected to represent key areas of the community. They are required to develop action plans and are responsible for implementation following the training.

Each training group is expected to unite as a ‘taskforce’ with the mandate to fight against child cruelty in their community and advocate for change.

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Valuing Children

The extent a child is valued will determine how that child is protected. It also looks at children’s rights and responsibilities.

Understanding child abuse

This module will cover definitions and forms of child abuse within a local, national and international perspective. Reasons for abuse and potential consequences are explored.

Recognising and responding to child abuse

This module equips participants with the relevant knowledge and skills to recognise and respond effectively to child abuse concerns.

Listening to children

Children must be listened to and enabled to participate in their own protection.

Building a safer organisation

This module covers the importance of organisation child protection policies and procedures. Implementing child safeguarding minimum standards can keep children safe and prevent abuse taking place.


The Touch Puppet flipbook is a practical and creative tool for children. It raises awareness of child sexual abuse in an engaging and thoughtful way, to help children protect themselves. Its portability means it is useful in more remote locations.

Child Protection Activists

This is a training programme to equip specific people in the community with skills to support children and families to navigate the legal and medical process following abuse.