Happy New Year

Hi Tehila friends

I cannot quite believe that we have come to the end of 2019! From all of us at Tehila Zambia and Tehila UK, we want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

The end of the year tends to be a time of reflection for all that has gone before and a time of expectation for all that is to come during the new year.

We are now two years into our 3-year strategic plan and so thankful for all that God has done through Tehila last year. Here are just some of the accomplishments we thank God for so far:

  1. 1910 children trained in how to keep themselves safe and how to seek help if someone is hurting or abusing them.
  2. 22 survivors of abuse assisted to navigate police and health services.
  3. 57 teachers trained on how to facilitate Touch Talk (a resource to train children about sexual abuse)
  4. 85 churches, 12 Non-government organisations and 12 schools trained in how to make their environments safer for children
  5. 3 government ministries engaged with
  6. One city wide network, consisting of 6 platforms, representing 70 churches working collaboratively to keep children safe
  7. 6 platform leaders equipped to respond effectively to survivors of violence and abuse.
  8. Strategic role in developing Zambia Without Orphans
  9. Child Trauma Symposium attended by 96 delegates representing 50 organisations and 5 countries.
  10. UK-based team recruited to strengthen the fundraising, social media presence, marketing and publicity of Tehila in the UK.

We are so thankful for YOU and the role you have played in making this happen. YOU are part of this big vision to see every child in Zambia living in a safe environment, where they can thrive and be celebrated for who they are. YOU are part of our mission to create safer environments for children through training, equipping, preventing, protecting and responding.

Violence against children is preventable. It doesn’t have to happen. Through collective action, we can work together to reduce it.

Our word for 2020 is CONSOLIDATION. Strengthening, measuring, reviewing and improving our programmes and activities so that we can be the most impactful for the children and communities in which we serve. We are excited to see how this will shape, challenge and take us to the next level this year!

Would you consider making a donation to encourage and assist us as we enter this next season? If so please check out our website www.tehila.org/donate.

Love Hannah