Living in families

We were at the department of social welfare this week working on the commital order for the little girl we are fostering. As we talked to our social worker, an emergency report came in of a four month old baby, called Blessings, living on the streets with his young mother. His mother is disabled and was due to have her leg amputated the next day. This is her 6th child. 

Following a discussion, two social workers left to pick up the infant and take him to an orphanage. 

This is a heart breaking situation and just like many babies before him, he could well spend his future in an orphanage for many years. 

But as the social worker spoke , I overheard him mention the list of foster carers ready and waiting to take a child. In this sad situation I suddenly felt hope. The work so many, including Tehila, have been involved in to recruit, assess and train foster carers is being fruitful. 

It’s possible this baby could have a loving family rather than a cot lined next to many others. Parents to bond with rather than different care givers meeting his needs. He will cry and be heard and not have to wait to be attended to because 20 other babies need care.  A place to heal from the trauma of losing his biological mum and dad.

Thanks to the Zambian government social workers, House of Moses (a local orphanage ) and the church led advocacy movement Embrace Project Zambia, there are now a number of foster caters waiting to provide a loving family home for children like Blessings. What’s more, each foster carer has been fully assessed in line with international standards and received training. 

If you are a Zambian in Lusaka or the Copperbelt and interested in providing a home to a child such as Blessings please get in touch. We have been a member of the Action Committee of Embrace Project Zambia for three years and are passionate about seeing children live in loving familes. 

And to all our wonderful supporters around the world, know that you are making a difference by giving to Tehila. 

Since Embrace Project Zambia began three years ago, over 50 children have been removed from institutions and are now being cared for by loving families. One of these beautiful children lives in our home. She is a joy.

Yet there is more to be done. More foster carers need to recruited, post adoption care needs developing, more Children protected. If you would like to increase your monthly giving or start a monthly donation, we would love to hear from you. Any amount will make a difference to the lives of children in Zambia. 

Bye for now

Hannah X

PS. For confidentiality reasons and to protect the child, we have changed the name of the child in this blog.