Reflections on April and plans for May

Dear all

As we move into May 2018 (which I cannot quite believe as that means Sam and I are in our 7th year in Zambia!), we want to stop and reflect on some of the highlights of April and what’s coming up next month.

April highlights….

  • 2500 children’s environments made safer through our mentoring programme with 40 churches.
  • 40 churches implementing the Quality Improvement Standards (QIS)  to further enhance the quality of their work with children.(
  • 428 children attended Touch Talk
  • 9 children spoke out about abuse. 3 of these children disclosed serious sexual abuse
  • Sam spoke on child safety at the Peace, Reconciliation and Healing Consultation, hosted by Micah Global

Our plans for May….

  • Moving to a new office and sharing premises with Micah Global Zambia
  • Facilitating training with OXFAM Zambia
  • Key note speech at the CBR Africa Conference 2018 (
  • Myrleene Beckford, the Tehila UK Publicity Officer is visiting
  • Social Work student, Jonathan Vantreek from Michigan University is coming for a 14 week placement
  • The launch of our 5th church Platform in Kalingalinga.
  • The launch of two viva programmes – God’s Father Heart for Children and Child Friendly Churches

Please be praying for children’s lives to be massively impacted by our work in May. That more children and adults would find the courage to speak out. That more organisations would commit to making their environments safer for children. That more churches would sign up as members of the SCAR Network.

Please pray for the three little girls who disclosed sexual abuse in April. That adults in their lives wouldn’t give up but would continue to believe them and to fight for them. That their perpetrators would be brought to justice. That the girls would receive the assistance they need and begin a journey of healing.

Once again we thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our work. You are part of the wider team. There are many behind us, urging us on, encouraging us to keep moving. Each child matters. Thank you so much. Please encourage your friends to follow us on social media. We want to widen our reach. Our vision is big and we need more people on board to achieve it!

We want to leave you with some photos of the team…..

Touch Talk with Obet and Regina

Hannah and Winnie preparing for Safe Places








Obet teaching Sunday School teachers how to facilitate Touch Talk

Sunday School Teacher facilitating Touch Talk in Nyanja








Martin speaking at a SCAR event


Duncan, speaking about Safe Places Mentoring at a SCAR event

Sam speaking at the Micah Consultation in Lusaka















Take care and have a great weekend

Han xx