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Hi all

It has been a long time since we sent a personal update on how we are doing as a family. I know that many of you know us personally and may be keen for some of our family news! So here goes….

This week has been full of celebrations as we attended the graduation ceremony for our eldest daughter Isla Grace. She has now completed her primary education. Little did we know in 2008 when this bundle of joy arrived in our lives, that she would be educated in 6 different school environments and complete her whole primary school education in Zambia! She is an incredible person, and an inspiration to us all. The way she embraces every opportunity that comes her way, her confident faith, love of people and activism for the welfare of animals. We are so proud of who she is and all that she is becoming and the best thing of all is we get to continue the journey with her!

Isla in her graduation dress!

Doing life together

Proud parents
Year 6 class friends 2019
Fundraising Juice Bar event for the Lusaka Animal Welfare Society

Amba is also flourishing. She was proud to receive an art award at school this week, which she is really chuffed about. She also loves school and is now moving into year 5! She is involved in performance at the local Circus Zambia and is slowly mastering the ribbon act! (which makes us a little nervous as she climbs to serious heights!) Amba Hope is a beautiful child, with a thoughtful, caring and chilled out approach to life. Her sense of humor will always carry her through and we love being her mum and dad.

Amba receiving her Art award – can you find her?!
Circus Zambia
Year 4 class friends 2019

Thandiwe or Thandi has now been with us for just over two years. Later this month we will be celebrating one year since she legally joined our family through adoption, which is so exciting. Thandi continues to thrive. She loves to dress up in pretty dresses and perform various dances to music, she is passionate about books and has recently started reading some three letter words! She loves people and singing is her thing. We are amazed at the number of songs she holds in her little head – a walking Juke box! She adores her sisters and asks for sleepovers with them every night! We are blessed to be mum and dad to Thandi Joy.

Thandi learning the letter ‘t’
Sam and the girls

In the craziness of Tehila and being parents to our beautiful girls, Sam and I are also doing well. Life is always full and rarely straightforward! But knowing we are in the centre of God’s will gives us joy, strength and peace. One of those regular and deep conversations is around our future and how long God wants us in Zambia?!! It is always hard to answer and we inevitably find ourselves going round in circles.

Right now the ‘green light’ is still on. We have school fees up until June next year and therefore we will continue. We are constantly overwhelmed with the way God has and continues to provide for us through so many people and in miraculous ways. One day I will write a book! We love our work and the wonderful people we spend our days. Zambia has become home. We know that God will reveal to us when it is time to return. For now, there is no red light. So we press on and we thank you for continuing to journey with us.

Next week we are flying back to the UK for 5 weeks so I am sure we will see many of you. This will be an opportunity to connect with family, establish and strengthen key relationships to further the work of Tehila and SCAR.

We thank you for your ongoing support to us as a family.

Much love as always

Sam, Han, Isla, Amba and Thandi xxxxx